Apex Legends bans Team Liquid Pro Mendo for "cheating"

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A Pro player was banned from Apex Legends for "cheating," even though that is debatable. In case you don't know who Mendo is, he's a highly skilled FPS pro who was once a tournament regular. Mendo streams more than he plays professionally today, but that doesn't mean he's lost his skill.

Mendo complained to Twitter that EA had banned one of his accounts. The company reached out, but it didn't seem like they wanted to relinquish the ban, which is strange because it's improbable that he cheated. People will often accuse pros and streamers of cheating just because they're better at the games.


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It would seem Apex Legends would try to ban all of a person's accounts if they are banned and openly admit to just using another account. EA prefers only to take out one account and leave the rest untouched. Here is EA's response to Mendo's original complaint.


It's not very effective. Some people who aren't familiar with PCs think an IP ban will fix the problem. One, many pros and streamers use VPNs which makes that kind of ban ineffective. In addition, players using the same internet but on different accounts would be negatively affected.

This means siblings would be banned, which isn't fair, and they cannot legally ban someone without a valid reason under the Terms of Service both parties agreed to.


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Mendo didn't care; he put out a ratio and jumped to a different account. EA did the same because they didn't even bother to respond. Their method of banning isn't as effective as it could be.