iiTzTimmy's Worst Apex Legends Stream Sniper Exposed

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Streamers have to deal with stream snipers regardless of whether they're playing Apex Legends, Call of Duty, or Splitgate. Stream snipers are people who come in to affect the streamer's game somehow, but it's usually negative. Timmy "iiTzTimmy" An recently recounted his worst stream sniper during his infamous 53-hour stream.

iiTzTimmy does not exaggerate either; he understates the shamelessness of the stream sniper. iiTzTimmy and the stream sniper's videos are put together to tell the story. Although it didn't go the stream sniper's way either, it's still hard to feel like being harassed is justice, even when you were harassing someone else.


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Apex Legends stream sniper

The video is divided into two streams, iiTzTimmy's retelling and the actual stream of the sniper. Even though iiTzTimmy has the chat logs before the incident showing it was planned, the stream sniper claims it wasn't his idea.

The moral of iiTzTimmy's story is directly related to how bad things got for the stream sniper afterward. Lots of Apex Legends viewers aren't great if you didn't earn them.


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The stream sniper adamantly denies it, but iiTzTimmy has the logs. The streamer sends an unban request admitting having done exactly what he said he wasn't. Here's the quote:

"Was just trying to get some content for a vid, won't happen again."

It is a significant quote that describes the hate the stream sniper of Apex Legends received due to his own actions. iiTzTimmy said this about going to bigger streamers and trying to gain viewers:

"I think that will make his viewers hate me more than like me, you know what I mean?"

The video ends with the stream sniper being harassed. I'm not too fond of it when someone is bullied by their viewers, even when they might deserve it. Hopefully, this story will teach others a lesson and ensure that it won't happen again.