Amazing Apex Legends Wattson Heirloom Concept

Apex Legends Heirlooms are the ultimate cosmetic item, replacing the melee attack of each character that posses one with a more personalized and awesome attack.

They offer no competitive advantage but are just visually amazing to behold.

Almost impossible to obtain, Heirlooms are exceedingly rare and are also not available for every character yet.

With the next rumored Heirloom releasing for Revenant and rumors of Crypto's circulating the internet, a Wattson fan got tired of waiting and conceived their own Heirloom for the sparky Legend.

What they came up with may be cooler than anything that Apex Legends players will actually get for Wattson.

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Wattson Concept Heirloom

With Wattson being a less-popular Legend, it does not seem like players will see her heirloom anytime soon.

Reddit user YonyanCosplay decided to matters into their own hands and designed an heirloom that is worthy of their favorite Legend.

Instead of a taser or cattle prod, which many fans have assumed Wattson's heirloom will be, YonyanCosplay envisions the heirloom more like a sword or dagger; its blade split in two with arcing energy down the center.

Towards the hilt of the blade is a copper-ringed power core, energy crackling within.

The actual hilt of the heirloom is slightly curved and contains a trigger, presumably to turn the electricity on and off when needed.

Admittedly, having this as an heirloom would make Wattson so much cooler to play as in Apex Legends.

Hopefully Respawn Entertainment sees this concept and works with YonyanCosplay to implement it for real.

It could even help Wattson's pick rates rise up a bit.

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