Apex Legends' Pathfinder Has a Kid: New Apex Legends Short

A new Apex Legends short dropped today, revealing Pathfinder's creators, history, and...his kid.

Respawn Entertainment dropped the short earlier today (June 22, 2021) with a simple tweet that said, "The truth."

The Truth

The short features Pathfinder recounting his history to the other Legends.

He explains how his creators were looking to solve the energy crisis in The Outlands and how they had created him to help with their work.

When Dr. Reid shows up to steal their efforts, Pathfinder does what he must to protect his family, fighting off guards and eventually self-destructing, so the team's work did not fall into the wrong hands.

The explosion is what created the Rift Aftermath on Olympus.

Pathfinder explains that his family is heroes, and he is said to have lost them.

He then says that he now has the Legends as his family and that a friend let him know his family is even larger than he initially thought.

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Blisk and Pathfinder's Kid

The camera then switches to Pathfinder and Blisk in a bar where Blisk asks him:

Did you ever find the other one? The one they made from you. Your uh, spare parts."

Instantly, Pathfinder jumps up and exclaims:

I...have a child? I HAVE A CHILD!"

He vowes to find his child as the short ends.

Leave it to Pathfinder to jump to strange conclusions.

How will this all pan out in-game?

Will we see a new event in Season 9, or will this possibly tie into the theme of Apex Legends Season 10?

Will Pathfinder have to worry about child support?

Apex Legends fans will just have to wait and find out and hope that Pathfinder's spare parts do not turn out to be some kind of villain.

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