Apex Legends Treasure Packs: Explanation, How to Earn, Rewards

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Originally introduced in Season 5, Apex Legends Treasure Packs are daily rewards players can find randomly during a Battle Royale or Arenas match.

There are currently sixty total Treasure Packs to collect in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, each offering a reward to players ranging from Stars, Weapon Charms, Apex Packs, and Crafting Materials.


There is also a "catch up" mechanic for players who miss packs and want to ensure they gather all sixty before the end of a Season.

Previous Seasons had a different number of Treasure Packs, the minimum being Season 5 with forty-five.

How to Get Treasure Packs in Apex Legends

Treasure packs are found randomly in supply bins during Duos, Trios, Ranked, or Arenas matches.

Sometimes when a supply bin is opened, a Treasure Pack will pop out, highlighted in red.

Once collected for the day, an Apex Legends player cannot collect anymore.

If players find another Treasure Pack, it let them know they have already collected their Pack for the day.

Treasure Pack rewards are announced after the match in which a player snags one.

Unfortunately the only indication Apex Legends gives players that they have picked up a Treasure Pack during a match is if they run across another pack that lets them know they already have one.

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Gotta Collect'em All

Players can always check their Treasure Pack collection progress via the "Comics" tab for the current Season.

The screen will show how many Treasure Packs players have found in the current Season and the next reward for finding the next one.


Apex Legends players who collect all the Treasure Packs in a Season will also earn Completion Rewards.

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Apex Legends Season 9 Treasure Pack Rewards

Apex Legends Season 9 Treasure Pack rewards
LEGACY: Season 9's Treasure Pack rewards

The Completion Rewards for Season 9: Legacy is a Blue Apex Pack and the Waves of Change Epic R-99 SMG Weapon Skin.

Along with several 2 Star packs and 15 Crafting Material packs, Season 9: Legacy Treasure Packs also offer six Epic Weapon Charms at packs 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, and 21.

These Charms are:

  • Treasure Pack 1 - Good Fortune
  • Treasure Pack 5 - Bright Blossoms
  • Treasure Pack 9 - Purple Package
  • Treasure Pack 13 - Gift Bag
  • Treasure Pack 17 - Legend's Luck
  • Treasure Pack 21 - Pastel Pack

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Playing Catch Up

Apex Legends Apex Coins

Players who fail to collect a Treasure Pack on a certain day run the risk of not collecting all sixty Packs for the current Season.

Thankfully, Apex Legends offers these players a Catch-Up mechanic, allowing them to purchase up to 5 Treasure Packs at the cost of 25 Apex Coin per Pack.

Players can only purchase enough Packs to catch up to the current day in the Season and cannot purchase all 60 packs for the Season upfront.

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