The Real Winners of the ALGS Championship: The Longbow, EVA-8, and Volt

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The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is over, with winners celebrating their victories in each Server Region.

After 125 hours of play, the winners are as follows:


North America: Team Kungarna
South America: Paradox Esports
APAC North: FENNEL Korea

However, the real winners of the ALGS are the DMR Longbow, EVA-8 Auto, and Volt SMG.

Each weapon is a best-in-class gun and proved why during the Championship matches.

It looks like Apex Legends weapon tier lists may need to be updated.

ALGS Championship Weapon Use

ALGS Championship Image

The Longbow came out swinging, with Apex Legends pros using the sniper rifle with deadly precision.

Weapons such as the Spitfire and Mastiff showed up quite a bit, tried and true guns for ranked play.

Reliable weapons such as the R-301 and R-99 certainly saw lots of action, with players swapping them in and out of use during heated battles where they needed a leg up against their opponents.

One combination saw a lot of use, and that was the EVA-8 and Volt SMG.

A particularly awesome display of the EVA-8 Auto could be seen during Day 3 of EMEA's games by 7ozzus.

It is no surprise the Volt and EVA-8 saw so much use, as both guns are amazing and play off each other so well.


The EVA is devastating at close range, and the Volt feels like one of the most versatile guns in Apex Legends.

Another standout performance came from Kudo ‘AvadoN’ Kyosuk, who decided to keep a 30-30 (the author's personal favorite) on hand for close-range play.

Apex Legends Bocek Bow Sees Little Play

Surprisingly, the Bocek Bow did not see much play during the ALGS Championship, despite being such a powerful weapon in the hands of skilled players.

It will be interesting to see how this affects tier lists or if the weapon is just too new to trust during Ranked play with so much on the line.

Could it be the Bocek Bow is dropping out of the honeymoon phase with players, or that it just needs more time to determine if it is a solid choice when push comes to shove?