Apex Legends: Crypto Heirloom Unlikely, Revenant Heirloom Is Next In Season 9, Says Dataminers

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Every season, Respawn Entertainment introduces an Heirloom melee weapon for one of its characters. The developers have yet to announce who’ll be lucky to receive one but the dataminers have narrowed down that Revenant will be the one. Here’s what we know about Revenant’s upcoming Heirloom this Season 9.

Fake Crypto Leaks

Early in Season 9, many leaks came out about the Crypto’s Heirloom weapon. The weapon would be called the Jikdo based off a Korean straight sword. In the current game, Crypto can be seen using his drone as a sword to knock out his foes and even has a Swordplay celebration pose.


However, Apex Legends dataminer Garret confirms that the two Heirloom files they’ve found aren’t related to Crypto. Potentially, Crypto may not get his Heirloom this season despite being in line as of the older characters of the roster.

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Revenant’s Simulacrum Scythe

Garret recently said that the dataminers confirmed that they’ve found two files that are related to the upcoming Heirloom weapons in the game. So far, one of the heirloom items is confirmed for Revenant. The dataminers found a Simulacrum Scythe as his Heirloom weapon.


The weapon’s animations match the character’s trademark creepy and snappy way of putting itself together. Once released, the Heirloom weapon will again be locked as the final reward after earning all cosmetics in the special Apex Pack event.

When Will We Get It

Potentially, the special Apex Pack event may arrive on the second half of Season 9 in Apex Legends. The first Ranked Split is about to end in a few days now. Meanwhile, Respawn Entertainment has yet to tease any upcoming events or new content for Apex Legends Season 9.


Before going in, Respawn Entertainment still has the official say on which content goes next in Apex Legends. The datamined content and leaks may not be true once the developers start rolling out the announcements themselves.

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