Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Artwork and How to Spot the Fake Ones

Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players a chance to add well known priceless art to their island's museum. The Wiley Fox Redd visits slands in order to flog some of his art - both real and fake. There's a lot of art to collect and not all of it is real. Here's all of the artwork in the game and how to spot the fake ones.

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How To Get Art In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Before you can buy art and put it in your Museum, you'll need to find Redd - as he's your only method to purchase art. We have a guide on how to find Redd if you're stuck. Not all artwork will have a fake duplicate. If you see any being sold that do not have a fake alternative, you're safe to buy them.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Inside The Museum
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All Paintings and How to Spot the Fake Ones

We've put together a list of all of the paintings in the game and how you can spot the fake ones.

  • Academic Painting: There will be a stain in the top right corner.
  • Amazing Painting; The man in a red sash will not have a hat.
  • Basic Painting: The boy has a full fringe with no gaps.
  • Calm Painting: NO FAKE
  • Common Painting: NO FAKE
  • Detailed Painting: Missing the writing on the side.
  • Dynamic Painting: NO FAKE
  • Famous Painting: Mona Lisa has arched eyebrows.
  • Flowery Painting: NO FAKE
  • Glowing Painting: NO FAKE
  • Graceful Painting: The woman is out of proportion (too big).
  • Jolly Painting: No flower growing from the chest.
  • Moody Painting: NO FAKE
  • Moving Painting: There will be no trees in the top right corner.
  • Mysterious Painting: NO FAKE
  • Nice Painting: NO FAKE
  • Perfect Painting: NO FAKE
  • Proper Painting: NO FAKE
  • Quaint Painting: Excess milk is being poured from the jug.
  • Scary Painting: Eyebrows are pointing up.
  • Scenic Painting: Only 1 Hunter and there are fewer dogs.
  • Serene Painting: The animal has a dark head.
  • Solemn Painting: Man's arm in the background is sticking up.
  • Twinkling Painting: NO FAKE
  • Warm Painting: NO FAKE
  • Wild Painting (Left Side): The figure is green.
  • Wild Painting (Right Side): The figure is white.
  • Wistful Painting: The woman is wearing a big star earring.
  • Worthy Painting: NO FAKE

All Statues and How to Spot the Fake Ones

We've put together a list of all of the statues in the game and how you can spot the fake ones.

  • Ancient Statue: Antennae pointing out the side of its head.
  • Beautiful Statue: It has a necklace
  • Familiar Statue: NO FAKE
  • Gallant Statue: It will be hiding something under its arm.
  • Great Statue: NO FAKE
  • Informative Statue: It will be coloured blue.
  • Motherly Statue: The wolf's tongue will be sticking out.
  • Mystic Statue: It will be wearing an earring.
  • Robust Statue: It will be wearing a wristband on the arm it's using to throw the Discus.
  • Rock-Head Statue: It will be smiling.
  • Tremendous Statue: The box is covered.
  • Valiant Statue: The bare left leg is not visible.
  • Warrior Statue: The statue will be leaning on a long weapon in front of it.

Artwork is one of the many things you need to collect in order to complete your Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you're enjoying the game then you should take a look at some of our other guides. We have a guide on how to get all shops for those of you who are new to the game and a guide on how to sleep if you're looking to relax a bit.

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