Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Find Redd And His Boat

Animal Crossing New Horizons' has entered its next wave of events in the latest update starting with Nature Day event.

New characters are starting to appear on the island including Redd. But where is he?

Here's our guide to finding Redd.

How To Find Redd In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Before you can get Redd to appear, you'll need to speak to Blathers, after updating to 1.2.0.

Blathers will talk about the museum expansion and being able to take art. You'll then need to be patient, he may not arrive right away.

When Redd does finally appear, his ship will arrive on the 'secret' beach (which is behind the cliffs, north of the island). However, for this first visit, the ship will be closed.

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You need to track down Redd, who is wandering around the island. Once found, he will introduce himself and sell you a piece of art for 4980 Bells.

You'll know if he's on the island because Isabelle may announce his presence as a "suspicious character" during the morning update; he can also appear without any kind of warning so check you may each day.

Only one vendor can appear on your island at once, so if another one is roaming the island, Redd will not appear.

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