Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Spot Fake Art From On Redd's Boat

Animal Crossing New Horizons has brought a brand new update to implemented its new Nature Day event.

Along with it, new characters are visiting the island, including Redd - the Wiley Fox.

Redd sells art on his ship, located on the secret beach in your island. But some of it is FAKE, so how can you tell if it's fake?

Here's our guide to spotting fake art.

How To Spot Fake Art In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Fortunately, your first piece of art will be real - no matter which one you buy as it allows you to unlock the art exhibit in your museum.

In the past, fans have found more often than not his items are fake - but there are ways to be sure.

Most fake art will be easy enough to spot, they will have one or two details that are a little odd. Most art is based on real-world pieces and can be compared with a simple Google check.

Unfortunately, old guides from New Leaf are no longer the same. The fake painting have been mixed up, so be careful when checking old guides.

Some pieces are always real - here are the following pieces that are always real:

  • Calm Painting
  • Common Painting
  • Dynamic Painting
  • Familiar Statue
  • Flowery Painting
  • Glowing Painting
  • Great Statue
  • Moody Painting
  • Mysterious Painting
  • Nice Painting
  • Perfect Painting
  • Proper Painting
  • Sinking Painting
  • Twinkling Painting
  • Warm Painting
  • Worthy Paint

You can only buy one piece of art per visit, so be sure to pick up the real ones before getting any others.

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