Alice Fiction - Pre Registration, Release Date, And Characters

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Alice Fiction header image

WonderPlanets' next game is open for pre-registration, and has already had a demo for players to experience it - the world of Alice Fiction.

Alice Fiction is an upcoming puzzle-based RPG, featuring element-wielding characters fulfilling different roles within your team. The setting is the Metaverse, named Alice, that you attempt to log into. An error appears, and your quest is to recover your lost memories.

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We've got a handy page for any codes for Alice Fiction, as well as a tier list of the characters involved. We also suggest Dislyte and Genshin Impact to sink your teeth into.


Alice Fiction Pre-Register

Alice Fiction website screengrab showing pre-register benefits
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Pre-registration is open for Alice Fiction on their official site. So far, sign-ups have passed 400,000, which means players will be rewarded with a huge number of Quartz as a bonus when the game releases.

By getting on the pre-register, it means you may have early access to the game - as well as nabbing the bonuses for user count.


Alice Fiction Beta Tests

There have already been a couple of beta tests carried out for Alice Fiction, feedback results of which can be found here, if you're interested. Some of those that have pre-registered have been selected for closed beta tests, including an extra 5,000 people added in due to popular demand. We'll keep this page updated when we know more about the next test.

When Is The Alice Fiction Release Date?

Alice Fiction does not have a specific date yet, but is due to release in Summer 2022.

Alice Fiction Characters

The fighters in Alice Fiction all have different attributes, including role, the element they wield, and their rarity in the gacha system. The weapons wielded by the characters include guns, scythes, and swords among other things. We've collected what we know so far into this handy table:

Name Role Element Rarity
Andersen DebuffDark1-Star
Andromeda BuffWater1-Star
Antoinette BuffFire2-Star
Asclepius RecoveryWood3-Star
Kojiro BuffWater2-Star
Lancelot AttackEarth3-Star
Musashi AttackFire3-Star
Nightingale RecoveryLight2-Star

What Platforms Will Alice Fiction Be On?

Alice Fiction is a mobile game that will release on iOS and Android, via the Apple Store and Google Play.