Grounded: How to Tame Pet Aphids and Weevils

Grounded: How to Tame Pet Aphids and Weevils

Grounded: How to Tame Pet Aphids and Weevils

If you're looking into how to tame Aphids and Weevils as pets in Grounded, this is everything you need to know. Being a great way to fight off the loneliness of the world, you may be looking for some companions to join you.

In this, we go over what you should know about Aphids and Weevils, how to get the resources to tame them and what to do once you've figured that all out.

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How to Tame Pet Aphids and Weevils in Grounded

To tame Aphids and Weevils as pets in Grounded, players will need to use a Grinder to create slurry, then feed those to the bugs in question. Once at that point, you can bring them back to your base to become a proper pet. We’ll go through each stage of this below.

Feeding Bugs to Tame Them

To tame bugs in Grounded, you need to feed them Plant Slurry (if they’re an Aphid) or Mushroom Slurry (if they’re a Weevil). You can get these by building a Grinder in your base and putting either Plant Fibres or Mushroom Chunks inside it.

Once you have these, you can tame a pet Aphid or Weevil simply by placing the Slurry on the ground close to the bug in question. Once it’s eaten two of them, it should get a white glow around it. Interact with it to pet it and officially gain it as a friend!

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How to Use Pet Houses

To keep a pet at your base, you need to build a Pet House. These can be crafted with the following ingredients:

  • Weed Stems (2)
  • Acorn Shell (1)
  • Mushroom Bricks (4)
  • Crow Feathers (2)

From there, interact with it to assign a tamed bug to it. You’ll then be able to change its name, stats and appearance!

What Do Pet Aphids and Weevils Do?

Aphids and Weevils don’t seem to have much of an effect in Grounded as Pets, basically acting the same way a regular pet does - you can pet it, feed it, and it’ll hang around your home, but it won’t help in combat or bring you items as we can see (though it’s possible this’ll change in future updates).

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