Grounded: How to Craft Scuba Gear and the Bubble Helmet

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As part of Grounded’s Pond Update, fish and aquatic aspects were added for players to find and explore, and part of that is knowing how to craft scuba gear and the bubble helmet, so you can spend much longer breathing underwater. We’ll explain how to craft them and where to unlock all the recipes here.

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How to Craft Scuba Gear in Grounded

To craft the Scuba Gear in Grounded, players actually have several options, with different armour pieces serving as scuba equipment that enhance breathing time underwater. Some of these are better than others, causing players to swap out as they get better equipment and recipes. Here are the basic armour pieces that can be used for underwater exploration:

  • Bubble Helmet: The superior scuba helmet, the Bubble Helmet grants an extra 80 seconds of oxygen, though also doesn’t provide any armour bonus.
  • Gill Tube: The lesser, easier-to-craft option for scuba diving, the Gill Tube helmet grants an extra 40 seconds of oxygen underwater and no armour bonus.
  • Fin Flops: A low-defense piece of armour, the Fin Flops increase swimming speed, though do not increase underwater breathing ability. However, having them can help underwater survival by allowing greater ability to escape threats and dive more efficiently.

Bubble Helmet Recipe

  • Sunken Bone (5)
  • Eelgrass Strand (4)
  • Silk Rope (4)

How to Unlock the Bubble Helmet Crafting Recipe

To unlock the crafting recipe for the Bubble Helmet, players need to discover a Sunken Bone and analyse it. You can find these by going either to the Pond Depths or Pond Lab, then digging them up from the ground with the Acorn Shovel. However, they’re hard to find, you’ll likely need to search for a while, and have a Gill Tube to dive that deep. Make sure you don’t leave without at least five of them for crafting the Bubble Helmet at a Workbench. Check the area marked below for the best chance.

Gill Tube Recipe

  • Lilypad Wax (2)
  • Eelgrass Strand (4)
  • Silk Rope (2)

How to Unlock the Gill Tube Crafting Recipe

The recipe for the Gill Tube is much easier to get - simply collect and analyse a section of Eelgrass Strand. These are in the shallower areas of the Koi Pond; you should be able to find it and cut it with a dagger to get sections of it. Again, bring four strands back to the Workbench as part of the recipe.

Fin Flops Recipe

  • Water Boatman Fin (4)
  • Eelgrass Strand (2)
  • Lilypad Wax (2)

How to Unlock the Fin Flops Crafting Recipe

The Fin Flops are unlocked by analysing either Rotten Fin Flops or Water Boatman Fins. Rotten Fin Flops are degraded, unusable armour pieces found in certain underwater caves around the edge of the Koi Pond. However, they’re often in similar areas to Diving Bell Spiders, so you’ll need to be careful when exploring.

Grounded scuba gear bubble helmet
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A much safer option is to kill a Water Boatman. These are non-hostile bugs found in the Koi Pond - usually near the surface. When attacked, they’ll simply zoom away fast rather than fight back. You’ll need to swim as fast as possible to kill them, though having other players around gives you the chance to box them in from all angles. Considering you need four Boatman fins for the crafting, you should probably pick this option.

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