Grounded: How to Get the Gas Mask Recipe

There are certain areas in Grounded that require special gear to explore. One of these is the Haze, which is filled with poisonous gas. This means you'll need to equip a Gas Mask, or risk slowly losing health until you die. The Gas Mask can be a tricky piece of kit to acquire, but there are several ways to get the recipe. In this Grounded Gas Mask guide we'll explain how to get the Gas Mask Recipe, and what materials you will need to craft it.

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How to Get the Gas Mask Recipe

There are a few different ways you can get the recipe for the Gas Mask. They are as follows:

  • Analyse Rotten Gas Mask
  • Analyse Stinkbug Gas Sack
  • Analyse Weevil Nose
  • Discover a Stinkbug Part

You're best bet for going after the Gas Mask recipe is to track down a Weevil in the Grasslands Biome. Kill it and analyse its nose. You will still need Stinkbug parts for this, so gear up for a tough fight. Arrows work well here.

A Stinkbug sleeping
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Gas Mask Crafting Materials

Once you have the recipe, you can start crafting the Gas Mask. Here's what you'll need:

  • Crude Rope x2 (Made from Plant Fibres. Analyse Plant Fibre for the recipe)
  • Gnat Fuzz x4 (Obtained from Gnats)
  • Stinkbug Part x1 (Kill a Stinkbug)
  • Weevil Nose x1 (Kill Weevils in the Grassland Biome)

These are all fairly common items in Grounded. The Stinkbug might be the toughest part to find. Just head to the area shown in the screenshot above, outside of the house. You can use arrows to get the upper hand. Make sure to bring health items with you.

What is the Gas Mask Used For?

The Haze has been tweaked slightly since it launched, and now has more toxic gas clouds. You will need a Gas Mask to explore this area. The Gas Mask will also help in the Stinkbug fight, as it will protect you from its gas attacks.

That's all you need to know about crafting the Gas Mask in Grounded. For more help with the game check out our guide on the best locations for bases. Elsewhere there's our look at how to tame Aphids.

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