Microsoft Is Reportedly Developing a Wu-Tang Clan RPG

Microsoft has developed a strong foundation heading into the new-gen era. With highly-anticipated games like Fable and Bethesda's Starfield coming, it's rumoured that we only know a third of what the console has in store for the future.

One of these unannounced games could 'bring da ruckus' to Xbox consoles, as Windows Central reports that Microsoft might be developing an RPG based around hip-hop pioneers, the Wu-Tang Clan.

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Microsoft Is Reportedly Developing a Wu-Tang Clan RPG

This report, which has also been verified by industry-insider Jeff Grub, states that Brass Lion Entertainment is working on the title. Consisting of talent that worked on Fallout and Skyrim, this new studio might bring this "third-person melee orientated" game to Microsoft systems.

Brass Lion Entertainment also put out a job post, where the developer's co-founder, Manveer Heir, detailed that they are recruiting for the creation of "an unannounced action-RPG with a dope anime aesthetic".

Details on the forthcoming adventure highlight its four-player co-op gameplay, along with post-launch support:

The campaign is planned to run for a couple of dozen hours, complete with a rich endgame comprised of seasonal content drops and other updates. You will be able to obtain loot, weapons, gear, and so on, in both procedural endgame dungeons and more tailor-made events.

The Wu-Tang Clan is reportedly crafting the soundtrack for Project Shaolin too, though no further details of their involvement were provided. Could RZA or Method Man be playable characters in the game? We'll have to wait and see.

Windows Central's Jez Corden gave further details on this upcoming game in the latest Xbox Two podcast episode. You can watch that above and we'll keep you informed with further developments.

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