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Fable: Everything We Know About Playground Games' Xbox Series X RPG

Fable, Microsoft's action-RPG franchise set in a fantasy world, has been dormant for years - ever since the third entry in 2010, in fact (no, we're not counting Fable Heroes or Fable: The Journey).

With original studio Lionhead shuttered, the IP has been taken up by Playground Games of the Forza Horizon franchise. Fable marks the first title the studio has developed which isn't part of the popular racing series, but it sounds as though the ForzaTech engine could power the new game.

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In any case, here's all we know about an entry that the Microsoft Store says is "a new beginning for the legendary franchise" – which sure sounds like a reboot to us.

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Fable Will Remain 'Light-Hearted' - 8th July

Phil Spencer told IGN's Podcast Unlocked that Playground Games' Fable will remain "light-hearted" and will be "a little more British" than Avowed or The Elder Scrolls.

Hopefully that means we'll be chasing chickens all over again.

Release Date

Bad news folks - Playground Games were hiring a team of scriptwriters as late as October 2019, so we're unlikely to see a new Fable anytime soon.

In an interview, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty had suggested that original titles have been affected more by COVID than upcoming sequels. Find out more here.

Confirmed Platforms


With this being a Microsoft Studios game, we would be very surprised to see it on anything other than Xbox One, Series X and PC when it launches.

That said, never say never - especially with Microsoft's recent track record of putting their games in as many places as possible.

In any case, it'll launch directly into Game Pass.


Here's a look at the teaser from the Xbox Games Showcase in 2020



While Fable has been a traditionally single-player franchise, it has had its dalliances with multiplayer in the past, including Fable: Legends, a cancelled asymmetrical multiplayer game.

A recent report has suggested that there may be the potential for online elements such as co-op, but rest assured – Fable won't be an MMO.

What Is Fable?

The Fable franchise is a series of action RPG games that were originally developed by Lionhead Studios before the studio closed in 2016.

The Fable series takes place in the fictional nation of Albion, a state that, at the time of the first game, is composed of numerous autonomous city-states with vast areas of countryside or wilderness in between. The setting originally resembles medieval Europe.

While the games all take place in the same universe, the stories are not related - with the sequel happening 500 years after the original and the third take place a further 50 years later.

Rumours surrounding Fable 4 have circulated since before the release of the Xbox One, but the lack of a number in the title of Playground Games' entry suggests it's likely to be a reboot.