When To Expect The WWE 2K22 Roster Reveal

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After a year-long absence due to the poor reception of WWE 2K20, fans have been waiting for WWE 2K22 and are hoping that the devs in Visual Concepts gives them a fun wrestling game that’s actually playable.

WWE 2K22 was revealed during WrestleMania 37 via a short trailer, though the only info we got was that the graphics would be nice and it would feature Rey Mysterio and Cesaro, but not much else on the gameplay or roster.


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When To Expect The WWE 2K22 Roster Reveal

It seems that we’re finally going to get more details on WWE 2K22 and its Roster Reveal since rumors have stated we’ll be getting more info on the game during this year’s SummerSlam.

Now that fans are properly coming back to WWE shows this July, the company is planning to make SummerSlam feel like WrestleMania, with fan events and more planned.


Some of those events could be the big WWE 2K22 Roster Reveal since previous games in the series like WWE 2K15 had this event during SummerSlam as well.

Nothing official has been stated but we’re sure more details will be revealed once WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view is done and they go all-in on SummerSlam.

Considering how WWE 2K22 is slated for release this year, it would be shocking if they didn’t reveal anything during SummerSlam because that’s when a lot of people will be paying plenty of attention to WWE.

Add the fact that fans are coming back and they might be able to watch the WWE 2K22 Roster Reveal live, it would be too good a chance to pass up in our humble opinion.

WWE 2K22 is coming out later this year, though no major game system was named.