2K Games Unveils Video Detailing WWE 2K22 Entrance Animations

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The development process for WWE 2K22 is in full swing and as the community continue to hope that the next instalment in the franchise surpasses the hugely disappointing release of WWE 2K20, Visual Concepts is providing fans with regular insights into how the game is looking.

Despite a lack of information surrounding any new features or new members of the roster, the short clips of pre-release gameplay are filling fans with plenty of hope ahead of the release of 2K22.

On June 15th, the Twitter account of the 2K22 development team released another behind-the-scenes look at the game.

In this article, find the short snippet of gameplay and what we think of the game's current state!

WWE 2K22 Release Date

An exact release date for 2K22 has yet to be revealed but if the history of the series is anything to go by, fans could be expecting an announcement in the coming weeks.

2K20 released in October 2019, meaning it's more than likely that the game will release in a similar time window.

WWE 2K22 Entrance Animations

The latest behind-the-scenes look at the development of 2K22 focuses on entrance animations of the Superstars once they've made their way into the squared circle. While there is no footage of a full entrance, there are clear visual improvements from previous titles.

Check out the clip below!

Who's In The Clip?!

Despite the footage featuring a default character model, we managed to spot a few animations from the likes of Bobby Lashley and the recently-released Braun Strowman, all but confirming his presence in the new title.


Whether the Monster Among Men will feature in 2K22 remains to be seen but his animations are certainly present in the current build of the new game.

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