WWE 2k22 Announced with Reveal Trailer

It's been a slow year for the release of new games, for multiple reasons, but we finally have some news on the next WWE title.

A reveal trailer has released showing a small snippet of what to expect from 2k22.

2k22 Reveal Trailer

The first WWE 2k22 trailer released last night, and gives us our first look at the next-gen wrestling game.

It features the iconic Rey Mysterio at the WrestleMania 37 event. This should give Wrestling fans some joy if they're not able to attend the event in person.

From the short snippet we've seen, the graphics look crisp and detailed. We hope they take full advantage of the next-gen hardware now available.

Check out the full trailer here!

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But when will WWE 2k22 release?

Release Date

Unfortunately, there's still no release date for the upcoming WWE game.

However, we can make a pretty good guess based on the release date of previous WWE titles.

We can expect WWE 2k22 to release around the middle of October, as long as there's no delays to development.

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