Sanctum Of Domination Race To World First Live Leaderboard

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All regions are now live in the Race to World First, with Echo catching up to the NA leaders Complexity Limit quickly, and Team Aster, the Chinese super team are now able to begin their progress despite the 32-hour delay their region receives.

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Day one in both NA and EU saw Echo and Limit complete 5/10 with some much-needed nerfs to Soulrender Dormazain, and both are now progressing on Painsmith Raznal who is proving to be the first wall of the raid.

Sanctum Of Domination Race To World First Live Leaderboard

Top 10

  • Echo 10/10
  • Complexity Limit 10/10
  • Pieces 10/10
  • BDGG 10/10
  • Method10/10
  • Aversion 10/10
  • Aster 10/10
  • Club Camel 10/10
  • FatSharkYes 9/10
  • Skyline 9/10

Painsmith Raznal proved to be a very difficult wall to overcome, although Echo has proven it is possible, moving on to Guardian of the First Ones and defeating that encounter easily before calling it a night.

Method and BDGG are in the race as well, trailing slightly behind Echo and Limit.

Echo defeated Kel'Thuzad in a surprising 22 attempts and has now moved onto Sylvanas Windrunner.

Echo has defeated the Banshee Queen and returned the Race to World First title back to EU!

World Firsts


The Tarragrue: Soniqs Imperative

Eye of the Jailer: Soniqs Imperative

The Nine: Soniqs Imperative

Remnant of Ner'zhul: Complexity Limit

Soulrender Dormazain: Complexity Limit

Painsmith Raznal: Echo

Guardian of the First Ones: Echo


Fatescribe Roh-Kalo: Complexity Limit

Kel'Thuzad: Echo

Sylvanas Windrunner: Echo

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