Sanctum Of Domination Race To World First Events Announced

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The Race to World First is a special time in the World of Warcraft community, where the top guilds race to see who can clear the new raid first on Mythic difficulty.

Since the top guilds decided to begin streaming their progress during Uldir, the first raid in Battle for Azeroth, the event has become the largest WoW event despite no involvement from Blizzard themselves.

Guilds take it upon themselves to host events that showcase their own progress but include many fun and interactive events to keep the fans engaged over the 16 hours per day Livestreams.

The RWF has evolved since the first event, and Sanctum of Domination is shaping up to be the best event yet.

Sanctum Of Domination Race To World First Events Announced

Complexity Limit

Complexity Limit is the reigning back-to-back champion taking both Nyalotha and Castle Nathria, The North American organization has risen to the top and will be looking to make it three wins in a row.

Beginning on July 13th, Limit will begin the race to defeat Lady Slyvanas Windrunner with a whole new approach to the Race to World First event.

General Manager of Complexity Gaming says "With each new event, we’re trying to drive more awareness toward the player-vs.-environment scene. We ultimately want to make Race to World First accessible to everyone in the World of Warcraft community as well as the gaming community at-large.”

Two new segments have been added to the broadcast with a new early morning show "Eggs Over Azeroth", and an After Dark event, where community figures will talk about the contents of the day.

You can catch all the live-action and events on the Complexity Limit Twitch Channel, or the point of view of your favorite player or class here.

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After an impressive recovery splitting off from Method, Echo managed a second-place finish in Castle Nathria and is looking to take that number one spot in Sanctum of Domination.

Echo was only a new organization during Castle Nathria, despite the players all being familiar with each other, there were sure to be a few nervous moments in their first showing as a guild.

This time around, they have had the chance to stabilize and prepare for a full-out onslaught as they look to take down Slyvanas Windrunner.

Echo will be playing live from the Erupt Lounge in Switzerland and can be found on their Twitch Channel.

You can find player point-of-veiw here.


After losing majority of their core raiders to Echo, and facing some major setbacks as an organisation, Method rebuilt for Castle Nathria and managed to place 8th, which came as a surprise to many.

After being the top guild for so long, nobody thought Method could recover, and now they have had time to bolster their roster even more, so we can expect a strong showing again from them.

Method have announced their event which will be hosted on their Twitch Channel, with more information to come.

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Team Aster

China always has a strong showing during the World First race, althouhgh the 32-hour disadvatage the region has, had been a big factor in why they have not been able to reach that number one spot.

This might be about to change, as Team Aster has recently been formed from guilds Alpha, JTH, and Skyline have merged into Team Aster, to form a Chinese super team with the goal of obtaining that World First.

They will be holding their own event in their Esports arena in Shanghai.

You can read the announcement here.

Like any race, we can expect a strong showing from guilds such as Pieces, FatSharkYes, BDGG and more.

Get ready to enter the Sanctum of Domination as guilds begin to progress on July 13th and 14th.

This Race to World First will be the largest to date, and will define the future of the races going forward.

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