World of Warcraft streamer reaches 100% completion just in time for update to knock them back to 90%

World of Warcraft streamer AnnieFuchsia.

Gaming has always had its fair share of completionists, with hardcore gamers grinding way hours just to earn that final elusive item or trophy which has thus far escaped their grasp.

Nowadays, a lot of these players have taken up streaming, with games like Elden Ring offering ample opportunity to pursue rare achievements or try to complete bizarre handicap playthroughs using the likes of a drawing pad or just one hand.

However, as has been recently demonstrated by a World of Warcraft streamer, sometimes these accomplishments, which usually require a lot of effort, don’t last too long.

Have you ever gotten close to completing all of WOW’s achievements?

The streamer in question is AnnieFuchsia, who finally managed to achieve the goal of earning all of WOW’s over 4k achievements during a stream last week.

As you can see in the clip above the last achievement came a little bit out of the blue, with AnnieFuchsia musing: “this might be it” before crafting the final item she needed to make to earn ‘Synthe-supersized!’, an achievement based around creating a range of different protoform creatures at protoform forges.

While the gargantuan playtime required to earn this and all of the game’s other awards was cause for immediate celebration, with AnnieFuchsia joking in a tweet: “Now I can finally play the game.”, the accolade unfortunately only lasted for a couple of days.

This was due to the arrival of the Dragonflight expansion pack for the game, which enlarged the number of achievements on offer in it from 4,481 to 4,957, as the streamer showed off by replying to her original tweet with a screenshot of her updated achievement summary tab.

AnnieFuchsia also confirmed in this second tweet that the change meant she was now back at 90% completion.

However, a few fans replied to the tweet to point out a potential bright side to this news, suggesting that the streamer had been put in a great position to try and earn all of the Dragonflight achievements faster than anybody else and secure a lasting return to the 100% club.

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