Asmongold Responds To World Of Warcraft Team's Statement

Following the World of Warcraft development team's statement yesterday in light of the State of California harassment lawsuit, one of the game's most well-known streamers has responded.

As part of the WoW team's statement, references to Alex Afrasiabi will be removed from the game, with the Senior Creative Designer (who left Blizzard in 2020), named in the lawsuit.

Asmongold Responds To World Of Warcraft Team's Statement

"Wow, congratulations. You're removing an NPC," Asmongold said on a Final Fantasy XIV stream (clip here).

"Why don't you remove the people? You had the NPC in the game for at least a year when you knew he [Afrasiabi] left, you knew he did this bad stuff, and you kept it in the game," Asmongold explained.

"You only care now because people are talking about it. What a bunch of horses**t."

"They deleted Swifty's character faster than this [...] and they only knew about that for one day," he adds, referencing an NPC based on popular streamer John "Swifty" Pyle, that was removed from the game following allegations against Pyle.

Activision Blizzard staff are striking today, despite a lengthy email from controversial CEO Bobby Kotick.

As for Asmongold, the popular streamer recently made the move to Final Fantasy XIV - causing a huge spike in player numbers.

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