The Warcraft Team Responds To Feedback Surrounding Harassment Lawsuit

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The World of Warcraft team has shared an update on their social media channels regarding the State of California harassment lawsuit and response to player and employee feedback about in-game references.

World of Warcraft is full of in-game references to internal workings at Blizzard, especially from the early days featuring some of the original developers.

While nothing was specifically said, we know that the main complaints were surrounding Alex Afrasiabi who was named in the lawsuit, and his references which remain in the game.


Afrasiabi has multiple characters and quests named after him or his earlier days as an Everquest player.

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The Warcraft Team Responds To Feedback Surrounding Harassment Lawsuit

"While we turn to our team for guidance in our internal work to protect marginalized groups and hold accountable those who threaten them, we also want to take immediate action in Azeroth to remove references that are not appropriate for our world." Says the Warcraft post.

Blizzard has removed in-game items and characters before based on reports of wrongdoing, whether they were true or not, which is why many players were quick to request all references to Afrasiabi be removed as soon as possible.

While this is a good response from the company, many people are still upset at the state of Activision Blizzard and are awaiting change within the company before they decide if they still wish to support the game.