Echo Defeat Sylvanas Windrunner And Win The Race To World First

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The Sanctum of Domination Race to World First is now over with Echo having defeated Sylvanas Windrunner on the final day before the weekly reset.

With a close race all the way, Echo and Complexity Limit were both neck and neck, and both adopting different strategies and raid compositions.

After many close attempts, Echo was able to take down the Banshee Queen in 169 pulls.


Echo Defeat Sylvanas Windrunner And Win The Race To World First

The race was not short of any drama though, with Echo being the first guild to reach 50% health on Sylvanas which on normal and heroic difficulties would normally end the fight.

From then guilds were under the assumption that 45% was the new health value for the end of the encounter.


It was a race full of speculation with neither guild knowing for sure when it could end.

The extra 5% damage also proved to be a huge push in optimization with certain people believing it could not die until after the reset with reclear and vault gear.

Echo proved that wrong as they played perfectly during the kill and met the DPS check with ease.

Echo also had their strategy nerfed halfway through progression, which involved solo tanking one of the phase two adds, which let the whole raid push extra damage into Sylvanas.

This caused frustration resulting in the guild needing to relearn a new strategy.

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The guild managed to fight back, and after a very nervous day of watching Limit get closer and closer to that 45% mark, they have finally returned the Race to World First title back to EU.


This year Echo players have won the MDI, The Great Push, and now the Race to World First.

Complexity Limit showed another strong tier but unfortunately was unable to make it three in a row.

Method, BDGG, and Pieces also had a strong race, which is good to see more guilds competing for the World First title.