How To Cast HTC Vive To Your TV

If you'd like to know how to cast your HTC Vive to your TV, then we've got you covered right here.

Casting allows others to see what you're doing on your headset and also become engrossed in the experience.

This can help to make the entire experience a little bit more immersive, and for instance, can be pretty handy if you're playing a fantastic VR puzzle game like Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes which relies on teamwork to work best.

Conversely, if people are taking it in turns to use the headset, then it can just keep everyone involved with what's going on, and can also allow you to play some marvellous multiplayer VR games too, whilst being willed on by your friends.

Here's how to do it, plus some other handy info on what the casting protocol it utilises is, and what that also means.

How To Cast HTC Vive To TV

If you are looking to connect up your Vive to a TV, then you'll be pleased to know it's a relatively easy process, as long as you've got a Miracast-enabled device. Here's how to do it:

  1. Press the VIVE button on the right controller to open up the control menu.
  2. Within the options, select 'Cast'.
  3. Choose a compatible device.

Do note, that this will be casting wirelessly, so the quality of your experience is also dependent upon how strong your Wifi connection is.

Interestingly, if you own an HTC Vive Focus 3, it can connect to Miracast on both 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands via Wi-Fi Direct, which may provide you with a sharper experience, as long as you have the necessary bandwidth.

What Is A Miracast-Enabled Device?

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Image Credit: HTC - Casting is as easy as pressing the Vive button on the controller just below the joystick

The HTC Vive's casting feature will only work with Miracast-enabled devices such as smart TVs and Windows PCs, although if you have a spare HDMI port and your display doesn't support Miracast, you can get a Miracast HDMI dongle to plug in.

In short, Miracast is a casting protocol that allows for casting to and from certain devices. These can range from smart TVs to PCs and even phones.

Do note, you can't currently cast the Vive to a Chromecast, unlike with the Quest 2, which works via the native wireless casting feature built-in to the headset alongside being able to connect via Google's Cast system.

Nonetheless, the ability to cast makes the Vive line of headsets pretty versatile and also helps to make them some of the best VR headsets available.

And, whilst the original HTC Vive has unfortunately been discontinued, the Vive range lives on with a whole new set of headsets, and there are also some exciting accessories to look forward to including the HTC Vive Wrist Tracker.

In addition, the fact they can natively play SteamVR games means users have plenty of choice with what games they'd like to play which can range from some of the best indie games like Beat Saber to cracking horror titles such as Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood.

Playing on PC also means you've got the ability to add more content to games through the power of mods, and there are plenty of fantastic mods all sorts of games including both for Blade and Sorcery and Skyrim VR, as a starting point.

So, that's how you cast your HTC Vive to your TV, and it's fair to say it's a pretty simple process.

Be sure to check back in with us for more VR guides, news and info, especially as 2022 looks like such a big year for hardware, including the potential release of headsets like PSVR 2 and Project Cambria.

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