Valorant: Riot Tease Leaderboard Feature Coming Soon to Competitive Mode

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Riot Games has given us more information on the upcoming Ranked leaderboard feature they spoke about in a recent dev vlog.

Valorant’s Act III released only weeks ago, bringing with it a new server selects and ranked season to grind a new rank out.


The new leaderboard is expected to join the game sometime in Act III. But Riot Games has no ETA on the new leaderboard feature, although it should drop in the next big content update.

Leaderboards Coming In-Game?

The idea of a competitive leaderboard is not exactly unheard of in esport titles. Riot Games’ League of Legends title has the same feature in every queue type for every region.

Players want to see how they stack up against players close to them, their friends and who the best players are on the server.


Riot know this is a feature that players are interested in and reminded us that the leaderboard feature is coming.

On the Valorant Twitter, Riot Games posted who the top 10 players are on every server. Players who pay attention to the esports scene will recognise some of the names dominating each region.

How do you stack up?EU Ranked leaderboard is here.
October 20, 2020

The video also shows what Agents these players main in the competitive queue along with players ranked between 11-100.


With the teaser for a leaderboard set, Riot Games developer Riot Ziegler added that “For those of you who want leaderboards in-game, we’re currently working on that feature. We don’t have an ETA yet, but we are working on it. Will update you when we get closer to landing it.”

The feature appears it is not too far off completion. In the original Act III vlog, they spoke of Episode 2 having plenty of features, such as live pausing, aim warmup, and more.

Perhaps the leaderboard feature is going to be lumped in with these other features still to come.

For those waiting to scout the very best players in every region, you shouldn't have long to wait.