Valorant: Play Zilla Skin Leak - BlastX Set, News and Rumors

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Valorant is progressing smoothly into the holiday season.

Its latest competitive event, 'First Strike' is now underway all over the world and there have been some amazing action.

One aspect of Valorant that gets a lot of attention is the in-game cosmetics.


Flashy skins can be found in the item shop each day, and now it appears Riot is adding even more skins into the shop soon. 

A new collaboration with Play Zilla, has seen some of the upcoming skins leaked.

Here's all we know! 


Play Zilla

Riot has noted that Play Zilla is a sponsor within the latest iteration of First Strike.

As well, it appears they will be releasing some skins apart of this collection on the 23rd of December. 

This was noted in a tweet by ValorLeaks, which can be viewed below! 

Riot placed a Easter Egg for their upcoming skin collection within #FirstStrike , Play Zilla as a sponsor. Nice one riot.
— Valorant Leaks (@ValorLeaks)
December 4, 2020

The new skin bundle is going to be called 'BlastX' and ValorLeaks has also encrypted one of the skins coming to the shop.

The skins themselves appear to the based around toy guns, and they have some cool designs for sure! 

The BlastX collection will be releasing on 12/23. No official images of the skins are released but, we do have an old image of the collection.
— Valorant Leaks (@ValorLeaks)
December 4, 2020

Be sure to let us know if you plan on picking this skin up!