Valorant's Next Agent, Killjoy, Has Leaked Ahead Of Act 2

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Valorant is still one of the hottest games on the planet, and as Act 2 approaches, fans are wondering who will be the next agent added to the tactical shooter.

It now looks as though Killjoy, the game's next character, has been spotted by data miners scouring through Patch 1.03.


Valorant: Killjoy Revealed

Not only did data miners locate the usual nuggets such as audio files, but they also managed to catch the character's Ultimate ability animation.

Twitter account @ValorantExpress tweeted out the animation, using an in-game model of Phoenix as a stand-in for the hitherto unseen Killjoy.

KIlljoy Ultimate Animation!!!This anim is called DetainedLoopUB. I used the anim on a model of Phoenix because no model of Killjoy currently exists. Pretty cool find, I can't tell if this anim is for Killjoy, or his "Detained" Subjects. Still involved with his ULT somehow.
— Valorant Express - Valorant Leaks And News (@ValorantExpress)
July 9, 2020

Reddit user Mang0eLeaks noted that the animation is entitled "DetainedStateLoop", while the game's audio files lend credence to the long-rumoured drone ability that Killjoy has been rumoured.


We're excited to see how another post-launch agent could mix up the game's pretty perfectly balanced meta.