Valorant: Act 3 Battlepass Is Just Three Months Long And Easier To Complete

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Every new Act of Valorant comes with a Battlepass, but Act III’s recent Battlepass is much more appealing.

Riot Games recently published information detailing that Act III’s is much easier to complete, and that the daily and weekly missions are much easier.


It is now much more achievable to get that lucrative level 50 melee weapon skin that players aim for with every pass.

How Long Is Act 3's Battle Pass?

Sorry, misspoke—there's no bonus XP in the Act III Battlepass. BUT (!) you'll find this Battlepass much easier to finish. The timeframe is extended, there are lower total game requirements, and weekly missions have been rebalanced for a smoother climb.
October 14, 2020

Every season a new 50 tier Battlepass releases that players slug countless hours into to gain the seasonal cosmetic rewards.


However, players have found that Valorant’s last few passes have been difficult to complete. Players needed to complete near enough every Daily and Weekly mission over two months to complete the previous passes.

Riot Games has listened to player feedback, and this season’s is much easier to work through.

Players now have more options to chose to grind out their pass. Deathmatch wasn’t rewarding too much pass experience, but a recent patch makes long Deathmatch games award more experience to compensate for the time spent.

Also, players now have three months to complete their pass, up from two in the previous seasons to gain the rewards. Now players do not have to grind Valorant exclusively every day to achieve their Battlepass goals in Act III.


Changes have also come to the Weekly challenges, as Riot deleted the worst of the bunch while others are easier to complete. Players of lower skill or short of time will no longer feel like these missions are a barrier.

The new changes come with a trade-off that there is no bonus XP for the Battlepass. An old tweet claimed that there was bonus XP to earn, but that seems to be an error as the details above make up for it.

The Act III Battlepass is clearly much more consumer-friendly. It is the best battle pass so far for both the most dedicated and casual players.