VALORANT: The Best Agents To Play On Fracture Map In Episode 3 Act 2

Fracture, the new map in VALORANT will facilitate a new Agents meta in Episode 3 Act 2. The map is ridiculously innovative with its unique H-shaped design that rewards Sentinels and Controllers for proper utility usage.

We had the opportunity to play the early access for the new map Fracture, which will arrive with the VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 update. The map is beautiful from every aspect, and you'll need to have proper coordination with teammates to win matchups on Fracture.

Fracture's architecture will reward certain agents and their utility, regardless of attacking or defending. Even the most underrated agent, Yoru, can become a beast on Fracture.

So, if you're wondering which agents perform the best on this map then we have you covered. Here's are the best agents to play on Fracture.

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Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Latest News

21 September 2021 -

Fracture is scheduled to enter competitive matchmaking from 21st September 2021. Players had two weeks to practice their team compositions on the map, and now it will enter ranked mode.

VALORANT: Best Agents For New Map Fracture

This image features Brimstone and Sage from VALORANT on the HAVEN map.
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Brimstone and Sage in VALORANT (Image via Riot Games)

The new map will arrive in-game by 8-9th September (worldwide), and fans should explore the map before jumping into ranked matches.

Fracture looks like an easy map to attack because of the split attacker's spawn. However, it is designed to favour the defending side.

Defenders can hold aggressive angles on this map and return to the site unpunished simply because of its architecture.

Similarly, Attackers can implement a pincer move to rush at a spike site from opposite sides. Thus, there are too many angles open for flashes, traps, smokes and concussions.

Agents who have these abilities will have an advantage over opponents on this map. At the same time, recon agents like Sova will enjoy the gift of lineups and post-plants thanks to Fracture's architecture.

Based on the early access, we have compiled a list for you to keep in mind before playing Fracture. Keep in mind that this map has four obtainable ult orbs, which makes Agents with low-ultimate costs extremely viable.

Here are the best VALORANT Agents to play on Fracture:


Skye is undoubtedly the strongest Agent to play on any map after the Episode 3 Act 1 Update in VALORANT. Her flashes can blind large sections, restraining the enemy from peeking at entry points.

Naturally, she becomes exceedingly useful on Fracture with her unique kit. Skye can hold down a site on her own in VALORANT's new map. Although she cannot heal herself, Skye can keep the entire team alive.

She also blends right in with the environmental design on B Site. The lush green fauna camouflages Skye and this can throw off opponents at any time. There are plenty of angles to hold and camp with this Agent on this map.
Make sure to master Skye to ace through all your ranked matches in Episode 3 Act 2.

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To say that Cypher is relatively good on Fracture is an understatement. It seems that the agent was designed to thrive in close-quarter environments like this. Fracture is a humongous map and a team can't keep an eye on both sites without a Cypher.

His camera and traps allow him to remotely control one site on his own while remaining in the shadows. Aggressive Cypher mains tend to lurk around the map, especially towards the Bridge side.

Use his traps with one-way cages to confuse the enemy at entry points. This can be combined with a coordinated double-peek with your teammate to get a few easy frags.

Here's our Cypher Agent Guide to help you understand his role in VALORANT.


Fracture is perhaps the first map where Yoru is viable. Almost every community expert agreed that an agent with Yoru's faking and teleportation skills will thrive in an open map like Fracture.

This comes as good news for Yoru mains who were eagerly looking forward to some new changes to the Agent. The developers informed that Yoru reworks will not arrive with this upcoming update. However, Fracture's architecture is perfect for Yoru's fake footsteps.

The basic strategy is to set up your fake footsteps at a different entry point to confuse your opponents. Similarly, in a 1v4 situation plant/retake situation, Yoru can combine his fake footsteps and teleport to confuse the enemy.

The most underrated agent in VALORANT is finally viable on a map, it will be interesting to see how Yoru main perform after the upcoming patch update.


Jett is remarkably viable on Fracture simply because of its architecture. Her job is to provide entry for teammates, and both spike sites have multiple access spots. This makes Jett highly unpredictable in Fracture.

Essentially, Jett mains can enter a site with their smokes and gain a high ground as quickly as possible. This will allow teammates to rush in and take control of the site.

Similarly, Jett can become the most versatile Agent to flank opponents. The map is large, and that makes it easy for Jett to move around, using the ziplines can also be a good strategy for early rotations.

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This image features Viper and Omen holding the B Site in the ICEBOX map in VALORANT
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Viper and Omen in VALORANT (Image via Riot Games)

Viper's utility becomes incredibly useful on Fracture. Her ability to cut off access points with the toxin wall allows Viper to take control of the entire spike site. Fracture also has numerous spots for one-way lineups, which allows Viper and her teammates to hold aggressive angles.

Similarly, during attack rounds Viper can take control of a site without exposing herself to the opponents. Both spike sites have lineups that can be executed from attackers spawn. Setting up your wall early will also help in faking a site rush.

Make sure to coordinate with your teammates before setting up a wall. As always, Viper's post-plant utility is immensely effective on this new map. It will be interesting to see how the meta shapes up once the update drops.

This is our list of the best agents to play on the FRACTURE map which arrives in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2.

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