Valheim Split Stack: How To Separate Items and Why It's Useful

Some titles aren't very optimised when it comes to the organisation of inventories, luckily Valheim is not this type of game. Instead, you have the ability to split apart and place units however you like. Without checking out the controls you might not even know it's a feature. Keep reading to find out how to split stacks!

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How To Split Stacks

Splitting up items can be really useful, it allows you to store things exactly as you want, whether that be in your inventory or chests. To do this you'll need to open your inventory by using Tab or if it's a chest press E, then hover over whichever item you want to split and hold down Shift when clicking it. You should see a new window pop up which will have a slider to choose how many units of the stack you want to move, naturally, it will set it to roughly half of the stack, decide whatever amount you wish and press OK.

Now you can place that stack wherever you wish, this means you can have two stacks of an item even if they aren't at their maximum number, though there's not really much point to this as it just takes up more inventory space. You can also use Ctrl when clicking an item to move it back and forth between your inventory and a chest without having to drag.

Why Splitting Stacks Is Useful

Splitting stacks can be useful for a number of reasons, each player likely organises and stores items different, this way you can manage your stuff however you want. One of the scenarios I find this feature to be handy the most is when feeding boars, this way I can decide how many berries, etc, that I want to put down in the pen, rather than doing it one by one. If you're playing with friends splitting stacks can be brilliant, this way you can give another player items without having to give them an entire stack.

That's all you need to know about splitting up stacks, if you're interested in sharing loot with friends, find out how to set up a multiplayer server here! If you can't be bothered waiting for a friend to get online, you can also set up dedicated servers.

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