Valheim Ruby: How To Get Rubies And What To Use Them For

There are so many items within Valheim already that it can feel a little overwhelming if you don't know what it's used for, this leads to throwing away items of real value to open up bag space or lighten the load. If you've got yourself some Rubies and think they're worthless, don't throw them!

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How To Get Rubies

If you're on the hunt for Rubies, you'll want to head to a dungeon first. They are usually littered with them, though be sure to use a torch, they can be tucked away in the dark sometimes. Otherwise, look out for a formation of rocks in the shape of a Viking boat, dig with your pickaxe and you might find some treasure. If you aren't interested in the grind, you can cheat to get Rubies too. Enter 'imacheater', using F5 to open the console then type 'spawn Ruby 1' to spawn a singular Ruby, you can change the number if you want more.

What To Use Rubies For

Initially, Rubies can seem pretty useless, though you'll come to realise they're the absolute opposite. Rubies along with Amber and Amber Pearls can be sold to the Merchant for Coins. In reality, all valuable items are absolutely vital to the game as you can then go on to buy multiple items from the Merchant like the Dverger circlet, Megingjord, Ymir Flesh and more. Certain items bought from home can actually unlock new experience within Valheim, such as fishing! He can be found within the Black Forest biome, check out our full guide on the Merchant here.

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