Valheim Obliterator: How to Get and Use

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The Valheim Obliterator lets you finally get rid of unwanted items with ease - but you have to build an Obliterator first.

Doing so takes a bit of time and searching, especially if you restarted the game for Hearth and Home like Iron Gate recommended. Once you do build the Obliterator, though, it's a handy item to keep around.


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Valheim Obliterator | How to Get Obliterator

The Obliterator is automatically added to your Crafting menu after downloading the update and unlocks once you get the Thunder Stone. You can build it as soon as you have the necessary materials.


Obliterator Materials | How to Get Valheim Thunder Stone

Image showing Valheim trader, who sells Valheim Thunder Stone

Thunder Stones come from the trader for 50 coins, which you should have in abundance if you've been exploring. The trader is always marked on your map after you find him the first time, so getting more Thunder Stones should be simple. Copper is in the Black Forest, and you'll find Iron in crypts scattered around the Swamp.


All this works out rather well if you're new to Valheim or restarted the game. Obtaining the swamp key requires you to explore the Black Forest first, before taking on two bosses. One of them lives in the swamp crypts, so you should have more than enough materials to make your Obliterator.

Valheim Obliterator | How to Use Obliterator

Using the Obliterator is simple. Interact with it like any other object, then choose which items you want to get rid of. Pull the lever, and presto - instant obliteration.

At last, there's a solution to dealing with full inventory.


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