V Rising Soul Shards - How To Get and Use

Image of the player fighting a bear in V Rising.

Image of the player fighting a bear in V Rising.

If you're looking to upgrade your vampire to the max in V Rising, the chances are you'll want to start collecting Soul Shards. Arguably one of the most useful resources in the game, they're a crucial levelling item to get your stats higher, thus making combat and survival easier. Therefore, we're here to explain how to get and use the V Rising Soul Shard.

In this V Rising guide, we'll break down exactly what Soul Shards are, and the role they play in the game. Once you have that covered, we'll go through the various ways in which you can get Soul Shards, as well as the specific uses to put them to work.

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What Are V Rising Soul Shards?

In V Rising, Soul Shards are equippable items that provide a boost to one of your attributes for as long as you hold it. In PVP modes you can only equip one Shard at once, whereas PVE lobbies let you equip as many as you fancy.

They work just like held items, which each Soul Shard providing a different buff. From there, you can choose which one to equip given the circumstance you may be in. If you're about to embark on a tough boss battle, then you may want to equip a Soul Shard granting you increased melee damage, for example.

There are only three Soul Shards currently in V Rising, though the chances are more will arrive down the line. See below for a breakdown of what they are, and their individual stat buff:

Soul Shard name
Stat buff
Soul Shard of Solarus
+50% sun resistance, +5% melee attack speed, +10% physical power
Soul Shard of Behemoth
+50% garlic and holy resistance, +5% movement speed, +20% resource gathering
Winged Horror Soul Shard
+50% fire and silver resistance, +10% spell power, +5% spell critical hit change
Image of a dragon flying in V Rising.
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How Do I Get V Rising Soul Shards?

Now you know what each of the three Soul Shards in V Rising do, it's time to learn exactly how you get them. As you may expect based on the extensive buffs each one provides, that won't be an easy process. They come as a reward after defeating the hardest bosses in V Rising, so only the very best players will get their hands on them.

Therefore, you'll need to go through the elongated process of finding a boss and ultimately defeating them. That requires having the Eye of Twilight, which shows boss locations on the map. Once you have it, interact with it and the Soul Shard locations are revealed. Then simply head there, take on the boss, and claim the Shard if you're successful!

How Do I Use V Rising Soul Shards?

If you manage to beat one of the three V Rising bosses and claim a Soul Shard, you'll need to know how to equip it. Remember that PVP players can only equip one Soul Shard at once, while PVE players can use all three.

To actually use a Soul Shard, simply set it to one of the keys on your hotbar, and tap that key when you're ready to use it. That'll drop the Soul Shard in place for two hours, giving you that sweet passive boost.

That's it for our look at Soul Shards in V Rising! While you grind to beat bosses and unlock these special boosts, find out how to recruit servants to your vampiric cause.

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