V Rising Servants Guide - Which Servants Are Best?

Image of a portal within the castle shrouded in green in V Rising.

While on your quest to craft the best castle possible in V Rising, the chances are you could use some help along the way. As such, V Rising servants are a really useful mechanic, as they can take some of the more grindy tasks off of your hands. If you don't know much about them, you're in luck - we're here to help!

In this V Rising guide, we'll break down what servants actually are in the game, and the key details that go along with that. Additionally, we'll show you how to recruit servants to your vampiric cause, as well as the best choices who'll prove most effective for elite players.

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What Are V Rising Servants?

In V Rising, servants function as additional helpers to give you aid in the more menial tasks you have to confront. These NPCs can hold the fort, defending your castle automatically from enemy sieges, or even harvesting resources while you're out raiding dungeons and levelling up.

Therefore, the chances are you'll want to recruit servants to save you from the less glamorous aspects of the vampire lifestyle.

Image of an altar within your castle in V Rising.
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How Do I Get Servants in V Rising?

As you may expect, the servants that you have in V Rising are actually humans who have been converted to vampirism. You'll have to do that yourself though, which makes it quite a long process.

First off, you need to have completed the quest called Army of Darkness. It's the mission where the game teaches you how to convert humans, so it's very useful here. Quite simply, to convert a human you need to weaken their HP, select the Dominating Presence skill, press R to enter the human, and walk them back to your lair. Then take them to the Servant Coffin you'll unlock after the mission, and select the Convert option.

Initially, you can't have many servants at once. Low-level castles unsurprisingly have fewer abilities, so you'll need to scavenge for Castle Hearts to upgrade your castle and boost the servant capacity. Each Servant Coffin only holds one human, and you can have up to nine if you get to that high a level.

Which Are The Best Servants in V Rising?

Since there aren't specific pre-determined servants in V Rising, it's hard to say that any are especially better than others. Instead, because they're just converted forms of NPCs, you'll need to look at each individual's stats and perks to determine which are most useful.

Each servant in V Rising has four different categories: their blood type, faction, blood quality, and gear. Depending on which role you wish a servant to play, certain attributes are more useful than others.

If you're crafting a servant build designed for attacking enemy castles, then blood type and faction are most useful. These determine the difficulty of each hunt they go on, as well as the amount of rewards you get for a successful attack, respectively.

Alternatively, if you care more about defending, then go for servants with higher blood quality and gear stats. They alter their ability to spot enemies, as well as the quality of their weapons and equipment, respectively. A solid servant will combine all four attributes, though the chances of that are low.

That's it for our look at servants in V Rising! They're really useful to do the dirty work while you're off completing new quests, especially if you can find one that strikes the perfect statistical balance. Feel free to also check out our details on how to get iron in V Rising, which is a very handy resource.

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