How to Make Leather in V Rising

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Image of a dark altar in a castle in V Rising.

Leather is one of the more common crafting materials you'll come across in V Rising. As with a lot of RPGs, it's a crucial tool for crafting new armour, but it has plenty of other uses too. As such, we're here to explain how to make leather in V Rising.

In this V Rising guide, we'lll walk you through the steps required to make leather, and the uses for it. Note that getting leather in your inventory has a minimum level requirement, as well as a boss battle to undertake, so it's far from easy pickings. Of course, we'll also dive into the various ways to use your newly acquired leather.


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How Do I Make Leather in V Rising?

To make leather in V Rising, you'll first need a Tannery. This is a specific type of crafting bench used exclusively for leather items, and requires a boss battle before you get it. You'll need to fight and defeat a boss called Keely the Frost Archer, who sits at level 20. Therefore, you'll probably want to be close to level 20 as well, for any chance of completing the battle on your first attempt.

You'll find Keely the Frost Archer within Farbane Woods, in a Bandit Trapper Fort towards the north east. If you're a high enough level, duelling her shouldn't be too much of a challenge, though waves of grunts during the boss fight certainly don't help. Once you defeat her though, she'll drop the Tannery recipe.


From there, head back to your base and craft the Tannery. It requires 8 planks and a breathtaking 160 animal hide to craft. That could take a while to get all of those resources together, but things are a lot easier once the Tannery is made. Simply deposit 16 animal hide, and in exchange you'll get leather.

Image of an animal sat on a rocky cliff in V Rising.

What Do I Use Leather For in V Rising?

Of course, simply having leather in your inventory is pointless if you don't have any reason to use it. As any RPG fan may expect, leather in V Rising has a load of uses.


Primarily, it's crucial to upgrading your Castle Heart. This is at the core of the castle you gradually expand as you progress throughout the game. With each upgrade to your Castle Heart, it allows your castle to be larger, with more components. The first Castle Heart upgrade requires 12 copper ingots and 12 leather, so it'll require quite a bit of grinding to achieve. It's key though, because having a more advanced castle is key to success in PVP modes.

Additionally, leather is used to craft new armour, or upgrade existing pieces of clothing you have. It'll bolster the amount of damage you can take, so collecting as much leather as possible is definitely a good strategy.

That's it for our look at how to get leather in V Rising! It's a truly instrumental resource if you want to level up, so you'll be glad to know that crafting it isn't too hard. Elsewhere, feel free to also check out the new Genshin Impact codes that landed alongside the 2.7 livestream!