How To Fish In V Rising

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Image of a bridge above a lake in V Rising.

Collecting resources and useful items is key to survival in V Rising. Catching fish is one such example of scavenging to success. Therefore, we're here to dig into one of the crucial elements of the game: how to fish in V Rising. It's fortunately not too laborious a task, so you'll be able to cach plenty of fish in no time.

In this V Rising guide, we'll run through exactly how you fish. That includes the items and equipment you need, and how to do it with ease. On top of that, we'll look at the benefits of fishing in the game, so you know exactly what you stand to gain.


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How Do I Fish In V Rising?

To start fishing in V Rising, you'll unsurprisingly need a fishing rod. It's not as easy as simply finding one while looting though, because you have to craft it from scratch. That requires a Woodworking Bench, a specific type of crafting bench which you unlock after defeating a boss called Rufus the Foreman. He's a level 20 adversary, but once you eliminate him you get the Woodworking Bench recipe. Therefore, you won't be able to fish until you hit level 20.

From there, collect enough wood to build the bench, and you can prepare to make your fishing rod. The base fishing rod in V Rising requires four Coarse Threads, four Copper Ingots, and eight wood Planks. Simply compile those items, select the rod in the bench, and it's yours.


After that, you'll no doubt want to head to some water to fish. Luckily it's nice and easy, because all you have to do is equip your rod and stand by water. Not all bodies of water are compatible, though: fishing only works in water areas with bubbles rising to the surface. If you find a suitable area, right click to engage with the water, and an animation will trigger if you get a catch.

Image of a seaside port in V Rising.

What Does V Rising Fishing Do?

In V Risihg, fishing is little more than just a relaxing pastime to break up murderous rampages. As with a lot of RPGs, fishing is often a collection-based distraction from dungeon crawling and quest completion.


However, there's a boss in V Rising which is exclusively accessible via fishing. Called the Putrid Rat, it's a reasonably easy fight, though it does spawn several hordes of rats which can make it difficult to get towards the boss. Once you defeat it, you'll unlock the ability to shapeshift into a rat. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

If you ever want a break from constant battles or grinding to upgrade your empire, then fishing in V Rising is a great way to do it. It's not a revolutionary gameplay mechanic by any means, but can provide some variety.

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