V Rising - How To Upgrade Castle Heart

Image of the Castle Heart altar in V Rising.

To ensure your vampiric abode in V Rising is as good as possible, you need to constantly upgrade it. Therefore, you'll definitely want to learn about how to upgrade the Castle Heart in V Rising. Each upgrade yields greater rewards and more capabilities for levelling up, so it's something to consider for sure.

In this V Rising guide, we'll walk you through the required steps to upgrading your Castle Heart. From there, we'll also detail the benefits of upgrading your Castle Heart, so you know exactly why it's so important to the gameplay loop.

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How Do I Upgrade The V Rising Castle Heart?

Upgrading your Castle Heart in V Rising is far from an easy process. Instead, it's on a cascading ladder of difficulty, where each new level requires more resources and time.

To start off, head to the Castle Heart in the core of your castle. You build it early on in the game, using 240 Stone and 20 Blood Essence. Once built, it's impossible to miss, as a purple orb of energy within your realm. Walk over to it and press the F key, which brings up the Castle Heart upgrade menu.

On the right-hand side of the next menu, you'll see your current Castle Heart level, as well as the materials required to get to the next level. Generally speaking, it'll involve increasing levels of copper ingots and leather. Of course, as you get to higher levels you'll need more advanced resources and increased quantities, but that'll become easier as you progress through mainline quests.

If you have enough leather and copper ingots, hit the Upgrade button to send your Castle Heart to the next level. As we'll get into, that comes with plenty of benefits, so it's definitely worth your time.

Image of a castle throne room in V Rising.
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What Happens When I Upgrade V Rising Castle Hearts?

Yes, the benefits of upgrading your Castle Heart in V Rising make the grind more than worth it. On the most base level though, it's the main way to upgrade your defenses. The higher your Castle Heart level is, the more damage you can take from enemy sieges. That won't protect you entirely, but it makes things much easier.

On top of that, having a higher castle level lets you hold more of each resource. One such example is the number of Servant Coffins you can have. Each one lets you have one extra servant doing your busywork, so it's always advantageous to level up as much as possible.

Crucially though, you need to consistently top up your Castle Heart with Blood Essence, as often as you can. Failing to do that leads to your Castle Heart decaying, making its defenses far less effective. The only way to prevent that is to feed on humans or animals and deposit their Blood Essence into your Castle Heart, to keep things running smoothly.

That's it for our look at how to upgrade the Castle Heart in V Rising! It's a fundamental mechanic that works similar to the Town Hall in Clash of Clans, and now you know exactly how to level it up. We've also got a look at whether V Rising is coming to consoles any time soon!

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