V Rising Solo Mode - Is V Rising Single Player?

Image of a grassy stream in V Rising.

Image of a grassy stream in V Rising.

V Rising is one of the biggest games on Steam right now, storming the popularity charts. The vampire-based survival game is currently renowned for its vast PVP lobbies, but one question remains: Is V Rising single player? Before you go buying what you think is a solo Vampire romp, you'll want to hear the specifics.

In this V Rising guide, we'll explore whether or not the game contains any single player elements. That's on top of exploring whether these features will be expanded upon in the game soon, as well as some instructions as to how you can piece together a solo mode in this early access build of the game.

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Does V Rising Have Single-Player?

At the time of writing, in this early access stage, V Rising doesn't have a dedicated single-player mode for the multiplayer-averse out there to jump into. You'll always be making your own adventure one way or another, with no proper end in site, goal to strive for, or storybook conclusion to race toward.

Right now, the only option is to play the game in multiplayer lobbies. In lieu of a dedicated story mode or solo quest progression, you can instead only hop into PVP lobbies to build, survive, and slay with your buddies. You can go it alone, but it's an open-ended sandbox with no real narrative. If you care about the lore behind the gameplay, the game's fifth developer diary touched on that a while back.

Will V Rising Get Single-Player?

There's no word on whether or not V Rising will get a story-driven single-player mode in the future, but an offline mode is due as per a report by PC Gamer.

It alleges that the V Rising developers responded to a Discord message saying that offline play would hopefully be enabled by the end of May, giving those with inconsistent internet connections a chance to play the game without running the risk of letting others down with disconnects.

Image of a dark forest in V Rising.
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How Do I Play V Rising Offline?

While there isn't a proper offline mode in V Rising yet, there are ways to play solo and still enjoy the game if that's what you're after. It won't be quite as engrossing as diving into a proper multiplayer lobby, but it's the next best thing before a proper single-player is out. Not that you'd care about that if you're waiting for proper offline support.

To play V Rising in single-player mode, you'll want to make a V Rising private server. When setting it up, you can choose whether to make it PVP/PVE, or whether to add friends or other players in as well.

It won't be quite as in-depth as a dedicated single-player experience, but it's a good alternative that lets you play solo without worrying about PVP griefers. You'll still need to be connected to the internet at all times, of course, the V Rising offline mode is expected to change that soon.

That's it for our guide to V Rising single player! While we wait for a dedicated solo mode to arrive, feel free to check out the latest Genshin Impact codes after the new 2.7 livestream aired on May 20, 2022.

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