Tower of Fantasy Beta: How to Download and Play on PC and Android

Image of a mech villain in Tower of Fantasy.
July 5, 2022: The Tower of Fantasy beta for June is now closed.

After a lengthy closed beta test in the Spring, a Tower of Fantasy beta for June has been revealed, giving practically anyone a chance to try the game before its worldwide launch. Down below, we'll go over how the Tower of Fantasy beta works, when it takes place, and how you can play it.

It's worth noting that the current Tower of Fantasy beta is rescticted to a few select regions, but it's a generous list all things considered. Still, it means that even with the download, you might not be able to play if you don't live in one of the whitelisted locations.

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How to Play the Tower of Fantasy Beta

From June 21 to June 26, the Tower of Fantasy beta was open to anyone in Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and the US. You had until around 6pm BST on June 22 to download and sign up to the game. With that, you had your place in the beta for the next few days.

What Platforms Is the Tower of Fantasy Beta On?

So long as you have Tower of Fantasy beta access, you can actually play on either PC or Android - the choice is yours.

In the first round of testing, players were technically limited to the client platform that was provided to them, but by sharing the download links around, beta players were actually able to log into either version with the same account. This time, you can play on both without jumping through any hoops.

Image of a fighter landing a special move in Tower of Fantasy.
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When Did the Tower Of Fantasy Closed Beta End?

As of July 5, 2022 the Tower of Fantasy closed beta has ended. Players are now unable to access their saves. Instead, you'll have to wait until the proper launch before diving back in again.

That's it for our look at the Tower of Fantasy closed beta! We've also got a Tower of Fantasy codes guide if you want to get in on all the freebies available in this upcoming game.

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