Is Sons Of The Forest Coming To Xbox One?

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Sons of the Forest is the sequel to The Forest, a game created by Endnight.

The Forest released in 2018 and people loved it, myself included.


Now Sons of the Forest is making its debut and the next game looks to be an improvement on the last.

There's not a lot of information to hand right now but here's what we know about the game coming to Xbox One.

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You can watch the announcement trailer for Sons of the Forest which showcased at The Game Awards 2019 below!



Source: IGN Youtube channel

Is Sons Of The Forest Coming To Xbox One?

As we said, Sons of the Forest is pretty new in terms of information.


Meaning at the moment we don't have a lot to go by.

We can look at The Forest's previous platforms and take a guess whether the sequel will be coming to Xbox One.

To begin with, The Forest was only available on PC.

They then released it as a PS4 exclusive at a later date.


So it's likely that PC and PS4 will be confirmed but what about Xbox One?

One of the devs has said they wanted to bring The Forest to Xbox, so maybe they will with Sons of the Forest?

You can read more about what the dev had to say here.

When we have the confirmed platforms for Son of the Forest, we'll update this piece!