The Forest: How To Drink Water, Manage Thirst And Make A Rain Collector - Recipe And Materials

Your main objective in The Forest is to not die.

There are many factors which can go against that goal, cannibals, hunger, fall damage and more.

One of them may not seem like a big deal but neglect it and it will be, it's thirst.

If you're playing The Forest for the first time, no doubt you've likely already had a run-in with issues related to thirst.

Well, we're going to run you through all the options you have when it comes to quenching it.

Here's a guide on how to drink water, manage thirst and make a rain collector!

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How To Drink Water

Drinking From Lakes

One of the ways you can control your thirst is by drinking from a natural water source.

So, walk up to a lake or pond and use whichever key appears to drink from it.

Rain Collectors

If you've decided where to set your base down, one of the first things you'll want to put down is a rain collector.

It passively collects water every time it rains, so no effort on your part.

You can find it in your survival book under the Food & Water section.

You'll need 4 Sticks and 1 Turtle Shell.

You can get a turtle shell by killing a turtle with your axe.

It may be worth placing down a few of them so that you don't have to worry about running out!

Energy Drinks

You can also fill your thirst by drinking energy drinks.

They can be found in the plane and in the suitcases littered around the crash.

You can also find the suitcases in cannibal camps.

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