Subnautica Below Zero: How to Get the Seatruck Vehicle, Modules and Upgrades

The Seatruck is one of the cornerstones of Subnautica Below Zero’s tech tree, an oceanic vehicle capable of exploring all the undersea areas of the map. We’ll show you how to get the Seatruck here, as well as the fragments, modules and upgrades.

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How to Get the Seatruck Vehicle in Subnautica Below Zero

The Seatruck is obtained in Subnautica Below Zero by scanning three Seatruck fragments with the handheld scanner, which’ll get you the crafting recipe. The crafting recipe itself is used from the Mobile Vehicle Bay, which’ll produce the Cabin section (explained further below). However, the first thing you need to do is find the fragments.

Seatruck Fragments Location

Fragments of the Seatruck can be found in three separate locations, where they spawn randomly in areas around wreckage and signs of human habitation. We’ve laid out their locations below.

Rough Direction from Starting Pod
Biome Visuals
Twisty Bridges
500-1000 Meters
Twisting Coral “Bridges” Underwater
Purple Vents
1000-1500 Meters
Purple Flames Erupting From Seabed
Thermal Spires
1000-2000 Meters
Tall Stone Spires Emitting Smoke

Check these areas as thoroughly as possible, especially around ruins and anything artificial. Fragments tend to look white and rounded, to match the design of the Seatruck itself. Once you’ve scanned three, you can head back to the Mobile Vehicle Bay to put the cabin together.

Subnautica Below Zero Seatruck cabin
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How to Craft the Seatruck

Once you’re at the Mobile Vehicle Bay, you can craft the cabin with the following components and ingredients, most of which are found in the mid-game phase.

  • Titanium Ingot (1)
  • Wiring Kit (1)
  • Glass (1)
  • Lead (1)
  • Battery (1)

This’ll produce the cabin, which you can then use when powered by Power Cells installed via a slot in the top. If you have a Moonpool, you can also dock it there to recharge it.

Seatruck Modules Explained

The unique feature of the Seatruck is that you can craft numerous “modules” that attach to the back of the cabin and extend it, making the interior larger and giving it more features (though they’ll slow it down the more you add). Players can attach and detach modules at any point from within the Seatruck, essentially allowing you to customise your vehicle to a great degree.

Despite all that, the Seatruck modules have to be built from recipes derived from scanned fragments, which are then built in the Mobile Vehicle Bay, much like the cabin was. We’ve laid out the fragment locations below, as well as the function of each module, and how much you should prioritise them.

Seatruck Module Fragments and Functions

Fragment Locations
Aquarium Module
Lilypad Island, Purple Vents
Has two aquariums built in, and captures any fish close to the Seatruck.
Docking Module
Deep Purple Vents
Functions as a dock for the Prawn Suit to bring it with the Seatruck.
Fabricator Module
Deep Twisty Bridges, Purple Vents
A module with a Fabricator inside for crafting on the go.
Sleeper Module
Purple Vents
Contains a bed, a jukebox and a frame for pictures taken with your PDA.
Storage Module
Deep Twisty Bridges
Contains five storage lockers for storing items.
Teleportation Module
None (found by scanning 10 Architect Artifacts across the whole map)
Comes with a handheld “Tether Tool” that can be used at any time to teleport you back to this module.

The last of these, the Teleportation Module, can only be found by scanning the rare Artifacts around the whole of Below Zero. We’ve marked the rarest one for you here, the Artifact Q59 Alien Statue.

Subnautica Below Zero Seatruck modules
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Seatruck Upgrades

There are also several upgrades for the Seatruck which can be installed via the panel on the cabin, assuming you have the upgrades. These are crafted either via the Vehicle Upgrade Console, the Fabricator found in the Seatruck Fabricator Module, or the Modification Station, depending on how powerful they are. We’ll show you how to get those upgrades here.

Recipe Unlocked By
Seatruck Afterburner
Chance to find by scanning Sea Monkey Nests in the Lilypads Crevice.
Allows the Seatruck to trigger a temporary speed boost at cost of increased power use.
Seatruck Depth Upgrade MK1
Unlocked by default when first obtaining the Seatruck.
Increases safe diving distance for the Seatruck to 300 meters.
Seatruck Depth Upgrade MK2
Unlocked by default when first obtaining the Seatruck.
Increases safe diving distance for the Seatruck to 650 meters.
Seatruck Depth Upgrade MK3
Unlocked by default when first obtaining the Seatruck
Increases safe diving distance for the Seatruck to 1000 meters.
Seatruck Horsepower Upgrade
Chance to find by scanning Sea Monkey Nests in the Lilypads Crevice.
Reduces the loss of speed caused by having multiple modules.
Seatruck Perimeter Defense Upgrade
Found as a whole item in Marguerit Maida’s Base beneath the Purple Vents biome. It’s resting next to the bed itself in the bedroom area.
Adds a triggered function that wards off predatory creatures with an electric shock.

That’s one of the coolest vehicles in Below Zero, but there’s also the Snowfox hoverbike, which you can learn how to craft here. Or check out how to get to the hidden area full of useful items, Outpost Zero, right here!

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