Subnautica Below Zero: How to Get the Snowfox, Fragments and Upgrades

If you want to explore Subnautica Below Zero, the best way to do it in style is the Snowfox Hoverbike, a fast-moving vehicle that carries you rapidly across any terrain. We’ll show you here the location of the Snowfox fragments, how to make the Snowfox Hoverpad, and how you can use them both to craft the hoverbike itself and learn how to get the Snowfox.

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How to Get the Snowfox in Subnautica Below Zero

To get the Snowfox and its upgrades in Subnautica Below Zero, players will need to find a series of fragments, items and locations, as the Snowfox is a multi-stage process that essentially comes as the reward at the end of a “questline”. We’ve laid out the full process below, and we’ll go into more detail momentarily so you know exactly what to do.

Snowfox Crafting Process

  • Find and scan all the Snowfox Fragments for the Snowfox recipe.
  • Scan the Snowfox Hoverpad at the Phi Robotics Centre for the Snowfox Hoverpad recipe.
  • Use a Habitat Builder to craft the Hoverpad at your base.
  • Use the Hoverpad to craft, upgrade and customise the Snowfox itself.

Clearly this is a complicated process, but we’ll lead you through it step-by-step.

Snowfox Fragments Location

To get the recipe for the Snowfox, players will have to use a Scanner to scan three Snowfox fragments. These can be found at multiple locations, but you don’t need to find all of them for three fragments.

  • Glacial Basin
  • Phi Robotics Center
  • Margeurit Maida’s Base

The exact locations are semi-randomised, with potential spawn points that the fragments may or may not appear at. However, the best place seems to be the icy land around the Robotics Center, where these fragments spawn fairly often. And considering you’ll need to come here anyway to get the Hoverpad, it seems worth getting the fragments here.

For the best fragment spawning area, head out of the North entrance to the Phi Robotics Center, and head left to the open ice with geysers and cracks in the ground. Search it thoroughly for scraps of machinery - these’ll be the fragments.

Snowfox Hoverpad Location

The hoverpad is much easier to find. Inside the Phi Robotics Base, there’s an intact model just on the right as you enter for the first time, a wide white piece of machinery. You can’t use it, but scanning it will add the recipe to your Habitat Builder.

Crafting the Snowfox and Hoverpad

Now you have both recipes, you can craft both devices. Using the Habitat Builder, you can assemble a Hoverpad using the following:

  • Titanium (2)
  • Wiring Kit (1)

It’s a relatively simple recipe with easy components, but that doesn’t matter, because the Snowfox is the only thing you can build with it, and that’s more complex. To craft the Snowfox, interact with the newly-built Hoverpad and complete the recipe, which’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Magnetite (2)
  • Battery (1)
  • Lubricant (1)
  • Titanium (1)

It’s a little trickier, especially with the curveball of Magnetite, but shouldn’t prove too difficult beyond that. Once crafted, you’ll have your very own Snowfox hoverbike to drive around!

Snowfox Upgrades Location

There’s two upgrades you can get for the Snowfox - the hop module, which allows the vehicle to jump short distances, and the Ice Worm Attack Reduction Module, which, well… reduces how often you’re attacked by Ice Worms while riding on it. Each of these has a recipe you can find or craft somewhere in the map. We’ve marked their locations below, along with coordinates for PC players (which you can check by pressing F1).

  • Hop Module: In a data box in the South-West corner of the Glacial Basin, the huge icy pool on the West side of the map. Look for a small constructed platform overlooking the area. (Coordinates: -1515, 11, -1083)
  • Ice Worm Attack Reduction Module: In a data box in the Arctic Spires, reached after extending the bridge in the Glacial Basin. Head across and go West through the ravines. This area is a horrible maze, but keep heading North-West whenever possible until you reach the narrow tunnels. There’ll be another platform, smaller, with a data box containing the upgrade recipe. (Coordinates: -1096, 61, 332)

Both upgrades can be built in a Fabricator using just a Wiring Kit and two Titanium, and installed simply by interacting with the panel on the Snowfox itself labelled “Access Upgrades”. The latter is basically mandatory for using the Snowfox in the Arctic Spires, as Ice Worms will otherwise spawn up and attack too regularly.

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