Subnautica Below Zero: Artifact Q59 Alien Statue Location

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The alien statue, also known as the Architect Artifact Q59, is one of fifteen hidden artifacts hidden around Subnautica Below Zero, and by far the hardest one to locate. We’ll show you how to find and get the Architect Artifact Q59 here, including the easiest path and its location in coordinates.

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Architect Artifact Q59 Location in Subnautica Below Zero

To find the Architect Artifact Q59 in Subnautica Below Zero, players will need to head to the Koppa Mining Site, beneath the island found to the South of the starting pod (often referred to as Delta Island). We’ll show you how to find it below. Bear in mind you’ll need a Seatruck with the Depth Module Mark 1, enabling you to get to 300 meters depth.

How to Get to Artifact Q59 Alien Statue

  • On the Northside of Delta island is a small dock. Head to that.
  • From there, take the Seatruck down the underwater crevasse heading North. Almost immediately there’s a volcanic geyser at the bottom that fires out steam periodically, about 80 meters down.
  • Right in the crevasse wall next to the geyser is a tunnel heading South. Follow it down, then take an immediate left into the hole where more steam is erupting from.
  • Go down the hole to another level of tunnels, about 110 meters down.
  • From there you can see yet another hole with steam to the Southeast. Go down that one too to see more tunnels, still heading Southeast.
  • This tunnel will open into a larger cavern with multiple volcanic geysers, rather than just one. Head to the North wall and straight down. You should be able to see a green oxygen flower to mark where you should be looking, roughly 210 meters down.
  • Head left through the tunnel to the South. Yet another geyser is ahead, go straight over it and follow the tunnel as it curves left.
  • You’ll come into another cavern of geysers with numerous stalactites hanging overhead. Head to the South wall (you should see another oxygen flower) and at the bottom of that wall should be a clear structure marking the dug entrance to the Koppa Mining Site.
  • Once you go through there, head West through the tunnel with a pair of metal rails. Follow them until they turn left, at which point you should keep going ahead down the West tunnel, rather than follow them.
  • After a few meters the tunnel will be too narrow for the Seatruck, so get out and use the Seaglide to pass through to the other side - where the alien statue, Artifact Q59, is waiting, surrounded by spotlights to mark it.

Once you’ve found the statue, make sure to scan it before heading back to the safety of the Seatruck.

Artifact Q59 Coordinates


If you’re playing Below Zero on the PC, you can check your coordinates at any point by pressing F1. While this doesn’t make finding Q59 easy (you can’t just head directly there) it can help narrow down the general area along the way, and if you’re using console commands, you can always teleport.

  • Artifact Q59 Coordinates: -252, -300, -611

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