How Long is Subnautica Below Zero?

The full release of Subnautica Below Zero is out, opening up a whole new arctic region of the ocean world for players to explore. But just how much windswept wasteland is there? We’ll answer the question here: how long is Subnautica Below Zero, and how long to beat it?

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How Long to Beat Subnautica Below Zero?

If you’re planning to beat the whole of Subnautica Below Zero, our experience is that the game generally takes about 15-25 hours, though it can be a lot more depending on how involved players become in the base-building and exploration aspects. However, if you power through as fast as possible, the game can be a lot shorter and more condensed as an experience. Speaking of which…

Subnautica Below Zero Campaign Length

Much of Subnautica Below Zero is spent harvesting resources, building your base and suffering the setbacks of predatory undersea monsters attacking you. However, the campaign on its own and only the mandatory elements attached to it should take roughly 10-15 hours, assuming you don’t struggle too much with the difficulty.

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