Subnautica Below Zero: Outpost Zero Location

Originally the starting point for Subnautica Below Zero, Outpost Zero is now a hidden location where lots of useful equipment can be found. It’s not so hard to find though, and a good location to go for a whole range of scans and blueprints. We’ll show you where to find Outpost Zero's location and how to get to it here.

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Outpost Zero's Location in Subnautica Below Zero

Players can potentially get to Outpost Zero within the first hour, and we recommend that you do so, as you can get a lot of good data from it early on. If you want to, follow our advice below on how to get there. For frame of reference, Outpost Zero is at the far-North side of the map.

  • From the starting escape pod, head directly North until you hit the sheer wall of Ice.
  • From the wall, head East, so that it’s on your right side.
  • Keep checking underwater if you’re just swimming. Eventually you’ll see a wide gap going under the wall with numerous huge, crooked icicles hanging down from it.
  • Dive down through this new underwater tunnel past the icicles, hugging the left wall tightly, and come up straight away into a steamy cave full for Thermal Lilies.
  • There’s a path here marked by lights stuck into the ground. Follow it to the frozen river, then follow the river itself.
  • This’ll lead you to snow with more lights stuck in the ground. Follow those over the snowbanks to Outpost Zero!

Outpost Zero Coordinates and Location

If you’re on the PC, you can check coordinates at any time by pressing F1, which’ll always help you get your bearings a little. If that’s the case, the coordinates of Outpost Zero are -72, 9, 301.

Items and Scans in Outpost Zero

Outpost Zero contains numerous useful items, fragments and scannable extras. Make sure you don’t leave without getting all of the following:

  • Ion Cubes
  • Snowballs
  • Battery
  • Architect Poster
  • Motivational Posters
  • Multipurpose Room (Scan)
  • Large Room (Scan)
  • Water Filtration Machine (Scan)
  • Vending Machine (Scan)
  • Coffee Vending Machine (Scan)
  • Indoor Growbed (Scan)
  • Modification Station (Scan)
  • Snowman (Scan)
  • Habitat Builder Fragments
  • Prawn Suit Fragments
  • Seaglide Fragments

Want to know how to get around all the faster? We've laid out how to get the hoverbike Snowfox here, or go see how long the game can get with our Below Zero campaign length guide.

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