Subnautica Below Zero: Diamond Location

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Diamonds are a rare resource in Subnautica Below Zero, vital for certain crafting recipes for excellent equipment. However, how to find diamonds isn’t clear, so we’ve put together this guide on diamond locations for you to check out, not to mention how best to use them once you do get them.

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Diamond Location in Subnautica Below Zero

Diamonds can be located in Subnautica Below Zero usually by heading to the bottom of the sea in most biomes, though they’re rare overall and only spawn beneath a certain depth, about 200m. You can also find them in ore veins, though the chance of a vein dropping a diamond is very small.

Where to Find Diamonds

Diamonds are found in most biomes, as mentioned, but they’re particularly common in the Tree Spires, in the South-Southeast area, and the Koppa Mining Site directly South of the Drop Pod (under the island on which Marguerit Maida is first found). If you need to get lots of them, this is the best place to check, as they spawn fairly regularly, especially around the entrance.

Diamond Crafting

Diamonds are used for a small but vital range of high-tier and mid-to-late game crafting equipment, including the Reinforced Dive Suit, the Laser Cutter, upgrades for the Prawn Suit, and the Modification Station. You can also use it to make Enamelled Glass, which is used to make more upgrades, special habitat rooms, and even the Prawn Suit itself. Basically, you’ll want to get as many diamonds as you can, as they’re often tied to major milestones in the tech tree.

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