Subnautica Below Zero: How to Unlock the Moonpool

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The Moonpool is a vital piece of vehicle-altering technology in Subnautica Below Zero, a specialised structure you can use to charge and customise your vehicles from within your base. However, you don’t start off with one, so we’ll show you how to get the Moonpool, unlock the blueprints and craft it for your own base.

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How to Unlock the Moonpool in Subnautica Below Zero

The Moonpool can be unlocked and crafted in Subnautica Below Zero by finding an existing Moonpool and using your scanner on it, which’ll then add it as a blueprint to your Habitat Builder. Now you have that, you can recreate it at your base or any other location.


Moonpool Fragments Location

There’s no fragments you can find to scan for the Moonpool, only a fully-built model, but that’s even better. The model you’re looking for as a part of the entrance to Marguerit Maida’s Base, a secret location that we’ve outlined how to find here.

Once you come up into Maida’s own Moonpool, you can simply use your Scanner on any of the walls to register it to your Habitat Builder.

Crafting the Moonpool

Once you have the blueprints, you can build the Moonpool with the Habitat Builder, using the following crafting resources and ingredients.

  • Titanium Ingot (2)
  • Lubricant (1)
  • Lead (2)

For such a complex and useful piece of tech, these ingredients are surprisingly easy to get, presumably because the blueprints are in such a well-concealed place. The only one that might give you trouble is Lead, which we’ve laid out how you can find here.

Moonpool Uses and Function

The Moonpool is a room for your base in which you can park and recharge the Prawn Suit and Seatruck, as well as build the Vehicle Upgrade Console, a piece of technology specific to this room that allows you to alter certain cosmetic qualities of your vehicles, as well as craft special upgrades for them.

The best thing you can do then is make sure you have the Seatruck and all it’s modules unlocked, which we’ve explained right here. Or find out how to get the most oxygen possible at our tank upgrade guide!